Magic Foam ™


Fast and Green's Exclusive Low Moisture Process

We Clean your Carpet 4x !

1 - Vacuum & Edge Detail the baseboards

Big Deal, doesn't Everybody ?


Call a truck mounted steam cleaner and they ask you to vacuum before they arrive for them.


Sure, having the customer vacuum for us would save us time and money - But frankly we don't trust your vacuum !  We prefer to use our Heavy-Duty  vacuum to ensure we remove the loose soil before we begin wet the carpet.

2 - Spot Removal By hand & Machine

We closely inspect your carpet for spots you may not have seen yet and get rid of them before you knew they existed.


We don't charge for stain removal, unless it's pet urine or situations with excessive quantity of stains in a room that requires above average time and attention.


The Reason Magic Foam Dries in just 2 hours is because we whip our botanical blend of cleaning extracts into a rich lather that is 90% AIR, and 10% water.


Getting the carpet fiber damp enough to dislodge the oil and grease that form stains without soaking the carpet.


Then 3 Counter Rotating soft brushes scrub and remove the stain up into our collection area of the machine.

3 - Apply Magic-Foam to carpet fibers

As Magic-Foam dries, it forms crystals that break off the fiber and leave no residue behind after normal vacuuming.

Unlike Steam cleaners that rake the carpet by hand - Our unique equipment uses motorized counter-rotating nap lifters.


The Nap Lifter Digs up compacted deep grit that even our commercial vacuum can't remove.


296 lifters get deep to the base of the carpet and pull up the remaining sand, grit and stains up inside the collection area.


Only Fast and Green has a powered nap lifting system so effective.  Your carpet will have a like-new feel to trampled down areas that have become flat.

4 - Powered Nap Lift & Deep Soil Removal

The Fusion of Science and Nature

Fast and Green uses a hypo-allergenic Low Moisture Encapsulation Foam.  Which leaves no Residue, all without soaking your carpet !


What makes our Encapsulation system unique compared to other low-moisture and 'green' companies is our plant based hypo-allergenic ingredients.   Effective yet gentle on you, your family and loved pets.   Carpets are often nearly dry even before we leave your home.


Most major carpet cleaning companies, and self designated GREEN companies offer to Sanitize & Deodorize your carpeting with chemical based Germicide products similar to Lysol.


If you choose to use our Tea-Tree & Eucalyptus sanitizer.  You will be killing germs and bacteria, allergens and dust mites without leaving a chemical residue or scent behind.


Your carpet is hungry for some nutritious and delicious Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus !

Don't Just take our word for it ....

It's been 3.5 weeks and the futon mattress you cleaned still smells great.  You definitely got rid of the previous owner's cat dander that was bothering me.  Thanks! -Ben 05/01/14

Winner of the Kudos Newspaper Readers Choice Best Carpet cleaner in the Verde Valley in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014.

Our High Repeat rate says it all.  Our customers keep using us, not wanting to go back to soaked carpets with chemicals.

Winner of the 5 Best Carpet Cleaners

Best of verde valley!

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We Clean your Carpet 4x !
Best of verde valley!
We Clean your Carpet 4x !
Best of verde valley!
We Clean your Carpet 4x !
We Clean your Carpet 4x !
We Clean your Carpet 4x !