30 Year Carpet Cleaning Journey


Hello, I'm Matthew - Founder of Fast and Green.  Thank you for visiting our website.  I've been cleaning carpets since the age of 17 with various systems including truck mounted extraction, host, encapsulation, bonnet and Dry-Foam.  Years ago, I would often experience headaches, skin rashes and other allergic reactions to many of the solutions used.  Because of my sensitivity to chemicals, odors and mold.  I've moved towards solutions that caused less reaction to myself and my customers.  But in the late 80's virtually no Green Products yet existed in the marketplace.  The mantra of the time was "BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMICALS"   Yikes !


Over a 4 year period of cleaning thousands of carpets, I Had thoroughly tested all the major cleaning systems and methods finding an Encapsulating (ENCAP) Dry-Foam System developed in Sweden to be most effective, less intrusive to the consumer than steam and was far less toxic, and less likely to cause mold and mildew to grow in overly wet carpeting.


In 1989 I Helped a large national floor-care manufacturer of Low Moisture cleaning machines expand and introduce this little known method to the Chicago-land public.


Matthew Schneberger - CEO


I spent the next several years giving Minnesotans a choice over steam cleaning using hypo allergenic solutions that dried in just 2 hours.

2008 - Present

I've always had an interest in natural healing and herbal remedies.  When I completed my certification courses in herbal therapy - I began to get excited again with the idea of creating a new type of carpet cleaning company that was able to substitute plant based cleaning agents for chemical ones.   The use of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus to kill bacteria, germs and odors has been exceptionally well received by the public and I'm thankful for my customers support and I'm honored to help people that suffer with chemical sensitivities.


This natural solution is blended as a encapsulation system, where after drying the solution crystallizes into microscopic snow-flake type structures that shed off the carpet fiber and come up with normal vacuuming.   Leaving little to no soap Residue in the carpet, unlike many other systems.

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