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Germs and allergens don't stand a chance against a powerful bath of Fast and Green's Tea-Tree & Eucalyptus Sanitizer

Dried ENCAPsulation Crystals containing trapped encapsulated Dirt pulled from the fiber of the carpeting

Our Magic Foam (TM) system is a plant based, Hypo allergenic process using various powerful Citrus extracts, Several Powerful Herbs like our Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus sanitizer.


ENCAPsulation: "Dry-Foam Encapsulation System"


Many Companies use ENCAP systems.  Most Large Hotels in Las Vegas are cleaned with ENCAP systems because the carpets won't re-soil as fast and the dry times are quick.  Hotel Guests can walk on the carpets almost as fast as they are cleaned.


What Fast and Green Carpet Cleaning did in 2010 with the creation of the MAGIC FOAM (TM) system is take ENCAP technology and remove any chemical agents that can irritate and affect our sensitive customers and replace them with plant based agents that worked as well if not better.


The product is formulated to Break free from the carpet fiber in the form of Microscopic Crystals - These crystals do not adhere to the fiber, and with regular vacuuming the detergents easily come out of the carpeting.  The fact our solution lifts easily with a few vacuumings afterwards is far superior to Steam cleaning which leaves detergent behind in the soaked carpet that doesn't crystallize and attracts dirt.  Zero-Residue companies remove a lot of the detergent they spray on the carpet, but there is no proof they remove 100% the chemical detergents they pre-spray the carpet with.  What little is left behind attracts dirt.

The Recent Comeback of Tea Tree Oil

After the discovery of penicillin and other antibiotics in the late 1940s, tea tree oil fell out of favor as an antibiotic.


But in the 1980s, it was found that some forms of staphylococcal bacteria(the “hospital killer bug”), became resistant to methicillin and vancomycin antibiotics (Methicillin - resistant Staphylococcus aureus or M.R.S.A.). After antibiotics failed, Australian Tea Tree oil was re-discovered as effective even against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The renewed interest in tea tree oil as an alternative to antibiotics led to more extensive laboratory research. It has proved that Australian Tea Tree oil possesses a broad range of antiseptic, antiviral, and fungicidal properties.


When your carpet is thoroughly wet with our Magic Foam carpet cleaning system, you can feel assured that your family will be walking, laying, and using a carpet that quite possibly more free of germs then when it arrived new from the factory.


The Unique Powers of Australian Tea Tree Oil

There are other essential oils that also kill bacteria but Australian tea tree oil is unique – it also kills fungi, including molds and mildew. It has a broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal activity. It is effective against all three categories of infectious organisms:


  • Bacteria (antiseptic/bactericide)
  • Viruses (viricide)
  • Fungi, molds & mildew (fungicide)


The list of its therapeutic properties is long: anti-infectious, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, balsamic, expectorant, fungicide, immune-stimulant, insecticide, and stimulant. Its anti-fungal properties make it effective against a variety of fungal infections of the scalp, skin, and toenails. Its antiviral activity makes it a suitable treatment against the herpes group of viruses like cold sores, shingles, and warts.


The tea tree oil should be a part of any first aid kit. It can help with most minor conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties reduce swelling and soothe pain, while its antibacterial action prevents infections and reduces scarring. Use it topically for all skin ailments, cuts, burns, acne, cold sores, boils, warts, ringworm, skin rashes, herpes, corns, lice, insect bites, and fungal infections. As an organic solvent, it dissolves pus (lumps of white blood cells), allowing the blood stream to clean it away, and helps to heal infected wounds, boils, sores, and pimples.


Australian Tea Tree Oil Composition

Australian Tea Tree oil is a complex of over 100 naturally occurring compounds, which all work together to produce its healing abilities. The main chemical components are Terpinen-4-ol, Cymene, Pinene, Terpinene, and Cineole. Terpinen-4-ol is present at the highest levels (minimum 30%) and is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity. High-quality tea tree oil should have a Terpinen-4-ol content of at least 35–40% but a maximum cineole content of 5%. It has to meet the standards of the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association (ATTIA).


Cheaper Tea Tree Oils

Cheap tea tree oil is now sold in health food stores and there are home-made concoctions against molds or bedbugs. More and more cosmetic products, like shampoos, now feature tea tree oil. But this is often low-grade tea tree oil made from the residue left after the first pressing of essential oil or imported from China and South-East Asia without any research or quality control. Its effectiveness is much lower while its medicinal smell is stronger.


Only the genuine Australian tea tree oil, whose composition is subject to the strict quality criteria of the Australian government, has been proven effective against molds and germs.  Fast and Green only Australian and New Zealand Fair Trade Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.


Product Safety

Australian Tea Tree oil is 100% natural and environmentally safe. It is produced from a naturally regenerating source. It has been widely used as a natural antiseptic for over 70 years in Australia and is currently in use worldwide.


Research shows that tea tree oil does not cause toxicity due to dermal adsorption and that it poses a low risk of skin irritation. You can test yourself for sensitivity by dabbing a drop on the inside of your forearm and waiting for a reaction. As with other commonly used essential oils, concentrated tea tree oil may be toxic when administered orally and hence the ingestion of pure tea tree oil is not recommended. Keep away from children and animals.


Fast And Green  uses tea tree oil because it's a much safer and healthier alternative to chlorine bleach or most cleaners that contain possible cancer-causing chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Using  tea tree oil avoids the odors and health hazards of chlorine bleach and chemical oxygen brighteners.

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