Why Don't you charge by the Square Foot?
Charging by the Sq. ft. usually Requires 2 Visits to your home. Once to measure and bid,  then usually return another day to clean.   This adds cost to the business and has to be passed on to the consumer.   Bidding by the room pricing takes an average approach.  Some are larger, some are mostly furniture and we are doing traffic areas.   You can work up a bid in our Schedule Section prior to scheduling the work.
But my rooms are filled with furniture, do you still charge a room fee for doing traffic areas?


Our Easy by the room pricing is structured for going around and under 'permanent' / heavy furniture....   Beds, Dressers, Desks etc.   95% of our customers do not need cleaning under a dresser for example.  and we are not insured for moving heavy furniture.   We GLADLY will shift and move Light Chairs, Recliners, Ottomans, Coffee tables and our equipment can clean under a dining room table.
Persians & Orientals?
Our Unique system is PH balanced and safe for Wool/Silk Oriental and Persian heirloom grade carpets, as well as high quality Wood Area rugs.   We clean the rug without soaking it, so it can sit on a wood or tile floor and will be dry in a few hours.   We do NOT take rugs away for cleaning.

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