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Fast and Green's Exclusive Low Moisture Process

Fast and Green uses a hypo-allergenic Low Moisture Encapsulation Foam  that doesn't soak your carpet !


What makes our Encapsulation system unique compared to other low-moisture and 'green' companies is our plant based hypo-allergenic ingredients.   Effective yet gentle on you, your family and loved pets.   Carpets are often nearly dry even before we leave your home.


Most major carpet cleaning companies, and self designated GREEN companies offer to Sanitize & Deodorize your carpeting with chemical based Germicide products similar to Lysol.


If you choose to use our Tea-Tree & Eucalyptus sanitizer.  You will be killing germs and bacteria, allergens and dust mites without leaving a chemical residue or scent behind.


Your carpet is hungry for some nutritious and delicious Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus !

Our Plant based Hypo Allergenic Solution is so concentrated and powerful, that we use 90% less water to clean a typical home.   Our process has saved over 80,000 gallons of precious drinking water, just in the last couple years


That means a couple gallons of our natural solution, compared to 60 gallons with Steam cleaning.    Some Low Residue companies use even more water then conventional steam -  because they are detergent free they rely on repeating the steam and rinse cycle over and over -  leaving the carpet wet for up to  2 days.

The Fusion of Science and Nature

Don't Just take our word for it ....

It's been 3.5 weeks and the futon mattress you cleaned still smells great.  You definitely got rid of the previous owner's cat dander that was bothering me.  Thanks! -Ben 05/01/14

Winner of the Kudos Newspaper Readers Choice Best Carpet cleaner in the Verde Valley in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014.

Our High Repeat rate says it all.  Our customers keep using us, not wanting to go back to soaked carpets with chemicals.

Winner of the 5 Best  Carpet Cleaners

Best of verde valley!

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Best of verde valley!